Tony Theis

Tony has been working in the electrical industry for over 35 years. Tony received his Jouneyman status in 1984. After working in the industry for 15 years, Tony chose to start his own business to provide the best customer service available. In 1998, T's Electric was formed and began providing excellent customer service and quality tradesmanship. Tony has always chosen to keep his business to a reasonable size where he could maintain this excellent customer service.

T's Electric only hires the best in the industry to maintain quality workmanship. Tony has the ability to work with all of his clients personally.

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Linda Theis

Linda was integral in forming T's Electric. Linda runs the back end of the business to keep everything running smooth. Next time you call T's Electric, you're likely to get the pleasure of talking with Linda

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Dennis Theis

Dennis joined T's Electric in 2001. Dennis earned his Journeyman status in 2004 after working under the guidance of Tony. Through the years, Dennis has begun managing his own team and projects and continues to do so. Dennis works hard to earn the satisfaction of his customers and ensures all of his projects are done with the utmost quality.

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